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Aquatic gymnastics where water resistance is used for the purpose of muscle strengthening and cardio-respiratory endurance.

Relaxing course


Course providing relaxation, muscle recovery, regeneration of internal energy and general tone. Mixture of Yoga, Tai Chi, stretching, Balance, relaxation, meditation, oxygenation.


Relaxation while listening to the body, learn to let go of the mind, release tensions and circulate energy.



A traditional Chinese gymnastics and a science of breathing which is founded on the awareness and control of the breath and which combines slow movements, breathing exercises and concentration.


Traditional stretching class offering you many variations of muscle relaxation positions.


A course made up of postures that will help you free the energy meridians by working to counter stiffness and muscle blockages.

Balance and soft mobility

Movement and strengthening


Cardiovascular class based on a wide variety of dance movements. The goal is not to learn the choreography but the sequence of movements that will give you energy for the whole day.



Exclusive use of the Swiss ball for versatile work including cardio, muscle strengthening, optimal posture, balance.


Strengthening and loosening of the back through a series of exercises based on abdominal breathing and gentle mobilisation.



The Pilates method, based on a set of exercises, aims to improve muscle performance and control of the body.


Class combining muscle building, step and aerobics.

Strengthening and cardio


Freestyle course working mainly on your cardiovascular system.


Course aimed at improving posture and strengthening your joint stability using the Bosu half balls. 



Course integrating boxing techniques in the form of cardio-fitness movements.



Course equivalent to body sculpting courses but integrating more varied techniques in order to have a more targeted result.


Class with bar and weights that strengthens and sculpts the whole body.



Targeted muscle strengthening work on the waist, abs and buttocks.



Cardiovascular course on “indoor” bikes which works on recovery, endurance, resistance, interval training and running. Spin Power is a version of Spinning that will help you master and improve your power.



It is a form of yoga that aims to achieve full self-awareness through mastery of this vital energy. It is both spiritual and physical. 



The postures will help you to gently wake up your body, while the breathing will put your mind in harmony. 



Yoga classes specialising in maintaining and improving the health of your muscular fascias. 



Class which consists in seeking harmony between body and mind and between rational mind and emotion through different postures. Yoga comes in a multitude of practices, including Sivananda yoga, which emphasises the fact that everyone is responsible for their physical and psychic body. It frees the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems, or even Lyengar yoga, a slightly more physical practice that corrects the body’s alignments with great precision.



A dynamic yoga class combining playful sequences, postures linked together with a sustained rhythm to a dynamic musical background. Power Yoga combines traditional yoga postures, pilates movements and fitness exercises.

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